Montenegro is a recognised candidate for future membership of the EU, with the government’s chief negotiator recently giving 2024 as the target timeline for Montenegrin accession, and visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 124 destinations worldwide, including Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Turkey, the UAE, and the countries in Europe’s Schengen Area.

the montenegro citizenship by investment program

Was developed by the Government of Montenegro and launched on 1 January 2019 as part of its ongoing efforts to attract foreign direct investment to and increase economic activity in the country. The program requires applicants to make a defined economic contribution to the country. In exchange, and subject to a stringent vetting and due diligence process, including thorough background checks, applicants and their families are granted Montenegrin citizenship.

Successful applicants to the Montenegro Citizenship- by-Investment Program are exempt from the country’s restrictions on dual citizenship stipulated in Article 8 of the law on Montenegrin citizenship.

To qualify for the Montenegro Citizenship-by- Investment Program, the main applicant must be over 18 years of age, meet the application requirements, and make the qualifying contributions to the Government of Montenegro.

Popular Questions

First step is Due diligence. If positive, you can proceed further. In most cases DD is free of charge, only if client is coming from “high risk” countries additional due diligence fee is charged.

Important information: Family members should be listed on Due diligence application form immediately, since they cannot be added later once application started.

It depends on the client and his responsiveness to Government and Agency requests. Once received by the relevant government department, applications are processed within three months.

1. Contribution of EUR 100,000 to Government Escrow account designated for the advancement of local under-developed, self- government units. If application is denied, money is returned back to applicant.

2. Investment of at least EUR 450,000 into an approved real estate development project in Podgorica or in the coastal region of Montenegro. Alternatively, an investment of at least EUR 250,000 into an approved real estate development project in the northern or central region of Montenegro, excluding Podgorica. Only precontract is made. Payment is done after passport is approved.

3. In addition, applicants are required to pay government processing fees as follows:

EUR 15,000 for a single applicant,

EUR 10,000 for each additional family member and

EUR 50,000 for each family member after three dependents.

Our team will prepare everything for you and assist you in real estate purchase. You need to come only once passport is ready for issue to complete biometric data.

Yes, Application can be sent until the end of the year and they will be proceeded next year.

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