With proper and professional assistance you can become Montenegro resident in 15 days from your arrival. Once you become resident, your family members can immediately apply for residence, too.


Temporary residence may be granted to a foreigner intending to stay in Montenegro for a period longer than 90 days for the purpose of:


A temporary residence permit for work shall be granted to a foreigner who is an employee/executive director of Montenegro registered company. A temporary residence permit for work shall not be issued to a foreigner who is only Founder of Montenegro registered company.

Property Ownership​

Temporary residence permit for dispose of the right to real estate owned shall be granted to a foreigner who can present real estate certificate as an evidence justifying the request thus confirming the ownership of real estate. The permit shall be issued for a period of one year.


A temporary residence permit for family reunification shall be granted to a foreigner who is an immediate family member of a Montenegrin national or a foreigner who was granted the status of a temporary resident in Montenegro. An immediate family shall include: spouses, their children born in or out of wedlock, step children and adopted children, up to 18 years. In the case of a polygamous marriage, family reunification shall be allowed only to one spouse.

Yacht Berthing

A temporary residence permit shall be granted to a foreigner owner of the yacht, who signed berthing contract with one of Montenegro marinas. Temporary residence will be granted for the time period of berthing contract.

Work Together

In all three cases you should bring these documents with you:

All other documents required for Temporary residence permit application will be prepared by our office in Montenegro.

We recommend to send us Education Certificates and Criminal records Certificates in advance to check if applicable. Education Certificates forms vary and authorities issuing Criminal record certificates differ from country to country.

Recording Legible Fingertips – For USA, Canada and other countries citizens we offer service or recording legible fingertips. Fingerprints can be recorded utilizing the following methods:

Standard Fingerprint Card (e.g., FD-249 and FD-258) — Using ink to record fingerprint images on standard fingerprint cards.
Live Scan—Fingerprint images can be submitted electronically using a live scan device. We can assist you to apply online for personal documents if you are not experienced. All services are performed by retired USA police officer and notary.

How to become Montenegro Tax Resident

Why pay high taxes when you can become easily tax resident of Montenegro and pay 9% on all your incomes – made in Montenegro or earned somewhere else.
How to become tax resident?

First step – take residence permit based on employment, marriage or property ownership

Second step – Stay in Montenegro 183 days, you can travel and go.

Once you reach this stay request, our office will proceed request for Tax residence request.

And in 3 days you are Montenegro Tax resident.

Translate this Certificate and send to your former country of tax residence to cancel you there.

Black Mountain Invest can provide you further assistance for your Personal Tax Declarations in Montenegro.

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